Healed of Effects of Fall

Some months ago, when taking an afternoon walk, I decided to visit my neighbor. I was not alert to a concrete rise in her driveway, however. The last thing I recall was tripping over the rise and I was in flight.

When I awoke, my neighbor said she had called 911 (the emergency number) because I appeared unconscious and she was concerned. I was not sure this was what I wanted, but I recognized that her caring was Love, God, directing her. I was taken to the hospital with my consent. There were head and face injuries and a sprained wrist. I received kind attention, mostly cleansing of the wounds, and when leaving the hospital I was given well-meaning instructions on what to look for in the days to come.

As a student of Christian Science, I recognized these instructions as mental suggestions that I needed to reject, for the expectation of continued problems would not be helpful in healing. I turned from this expectation of discoloration and pain to what I have learned in Christian Science: that Spirit, God, was never touched by an accident, so neither could I, as His expression. The physical evidence did not need to distract me from seeing and knowing this truth about my true being. When I arrived home I referred to page 194 of Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, where it says:

“A change in human belief changes all the physical symptoms, and determines a case for better or for worse. When one’s false belief is corrected, Truth sends a report of health over the body.”

In the next few days, my appearance improved greatly and was soon back to normal. I had no pain, dizziness, or headaches. I also remained alert. My neighbors were astounded at the quick healing. I attribute this elimination of the effects of sudden meeting with concrete to the understanding of God in Christian Science.

I am very grateful that this Science of Christianity came into my life manty years ago. It has blessed many around me as well.


Gratitude for healing and freedom from pain

For more than 50 years I have relied only on prayer in Christian Science for healing and treatment of illness. I have been healed quickly, sometimes instantaneously, of cold and flu symptoms, severe back pain, sight and hearing problems, sprains and possible broken bones. Several years ago I was permanently freed from recurring migraine headaches.

I’d like to share one healing that has meant a lot to me. Over the course of several months I noticed increasing pain in my joints, and especially my hands and wrists. I love to cook, and my favorite pan is a cast iron frying pan I’ve had for 30 years. But I became unable to lift the pan without using both hands, and even that was painful. One day I realized that I didn’t have to just suffer with this pain, but that I could pray for God’s help. I quit thinking about buying a lighter frying pan, and every time I felt pain in my joints I prayed. It seemed to me that I was dealing with a problem that was related to age, so I prayed something like this.

Genesis 1 says that man is made in the image and likeness of God, and God must be eternal and immortal. Christ Jesus refers to man’s eternal life, and so I prayed to understand better my own life as the image of the eternal God. I felt certain that God didn’t have painful joints; in fact, when that thought came to me, I knew it was laughingly ridiculous. I reminded myself of that line in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy [God’s] will be done in earth, as it is in heaven,” and I added the spiritual interpretation of that verse as Mary Baker Eddy shared in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures, which reads, “enable us to know, as in heaven so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.” I realized that omnipotent God could surely heal me, and even more, I felt that as the image of God, I was already whole and did not include any condition that would indicate a decline in my life.

I continued to work, and cook, as before, and in a very short time I realized that for a while I had been completely free from pain in any joints and that I had been using my cast iron pan regularly, even lifting it from the stove hot and full of dinner. I’m sure you can see how grateful I was, and still am, for this evidence of God’s tender, healing care. But my gratitude is greater still for a glimpse of the fact that our lives are eternal, and that any apparently self-destructive quality, in our characters or in our bodies, will be corrected as we gain clearer understanding of God and our real individuality as God’s children.