Sunday School

Christian Science Sunday School

Healing … Joy … Friendship … Strength … Guidance … Comfort … Love

Our Sunday School, beginning Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M., lovingly welcomes children from kindergarten up to age 20 to come and learn about God and their unique relationship to Him. The gospel message of God’s enduring love and care for all children, as well as a working understanding of prayer, are vital elements of all classes. A deep love of Christ Jesus, the Master Christian, and the example of his life and healing ministry are important elements of our Sunday School teaching. Children learn that the Ten Commandments and Christ Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount are still important and timeless guides in today’s busy and often confusing world.

A Few Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I learn about the moral and spiritual laws that govern my life?
A. In Sunday School!  Here you will learn the continuing value of the Bible’s timeless truths and learn how to love your neighbor as yourself. You will find an interactive environment in which to discuss your ideas and questions about your spiritual identity as God’s beloved child.

Q. Do I have to be a church member to attend the Sunday School?
A. No, anyone under 20 may enroll in our weekly classes.

Q. May I just visit the Sunday School some time?
A. Yes, visitors are always welcome.

Q. What are the two books used in your Sunday School?
A. The books are the Bible and Science and Health with key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, considered the pastor of our church. These equip students with the means to handle problems with prayer.

Q. My children are just babies. Is there somewhere for them while I visit the church?
A. Yes, we also have a children’s room where children under kindergarten age are cared for during the church services and Sunday School classes.

Q: I would like to talk with someone who teaches in your Sunday School to find out more. What should I do?
A: Come visit in person before, during or after the church service, or go to the Contact Us page and someone will respond to your inquiry.