For the past year I have been attending the Hayward Christian Science Church quite regularly, and have been deeply touched and encouraged by the unselfed love I have felt expressed by members.

Recently I was a passenger in the front seat of a car when another car suddenly smashed into ours. Just before the accident I had been spending some special moments with a family member, reading the Bible Lesson out loud together and commenting on its strong messages for that day. So when the accident happened we were prepared to turn to God for help and not allow this sudden discord to take over. I did call a Christian Science practitioner for help in prayer while we were still at the scene of the accident, and she spoke to me quite firmly about the harmony of God’s kingdom as the present reality of being. I could (and needed to) reject mortal discord or accident as simply unreal, not God-ordained, and I could claim that and prove it in my daily life. Soon after the phone call we felt the effects of the prayer, as everyone calmed down. The other driver stopped his shouting and accusations and the police arrived to take a report. Though our vehicles were damaged, no one was hurt and everyone was able to drive away. I continued to pray, reaffirming my God-given dominion over any sense of accident and claiming the present spiritual harmony of God’s kingdom. By the very next morning I was free of chest pains I felt after the accident. Over the next few days I could feel the Christ-presence in my life as I continued to turn to God, and the anxious feeling of having been a part of an accident disappeared.

I am very grateful to be able to attend services at this church and feel the support of Christian Science in my daily life.

J. B.