Early on when I was a novice in Christian Science and didn’t fully realize the power of God, I was daily reading the Bible-Lesson to learn more of God’s Almighty presence. One evening, our cat was not doing too well, having difficulty breathing. My wife took him to the vet to see what was going on. She returned from the visit very disturbed at the veterinarian’s report that the cat had a disease for which there was no available remedy. He said that the cat would not live beyond that night.

Based on the study I was doing, I decided not to accept this verdict and to pray about it instead. With God’s tender care the cat did survive the night, and several more years after that. The result of this experience was that I saw God’s impartial love and powerful care for all His creation, including cats! This realization had a significant impact on me and provided me with the faith that God is omnipotent. I’m truly grateful for His ever present care.

E. G.

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