Although I attended Christian Science Sunday School during part of my childhood, I did not always study and practice it in my adult life. However, when I was a young adult, several severe life challenges drove me back to the serious study of Christian Science. I knew I needed the comfort, support, guidance, and healing that would be there for me. Later in life, I was glad I had already returned to the regular study of Christian Science when I was confronted with three challenges at the same time.

After five years in a job that was very special and rewarding, I was informed that my job was being abolished and my small staff was to be replaced. Earlier I had suggested a reorganization plan but it did not include these changes so this news came as quite a shock to me.

At about the same time, I sold my home and invested all of the proceeds in a real estate investment plan which was recommended by a friend. After a couple of months I became aware that the key player in that plan had deceived me and absconded with all of my funds.

During this difficult period I developed a severe infection on one hand which was quite uncomfortable and necessitated bandaging.

I prayed earnestly and deeply for comfort, guidance and a greater sense of God’s unfailing care. I had to resist the temptation to blame myself for suggesting the reorganization in the first place and for being tempted to get into an investment that promised great gains without first giving it more prayerful consideration. I engaged the prayerful help of a Christian Science Practitioner, whose tender encouragement and support brought me much peace when everything seemed to be going wrong. Nevertheless, during this very difficult period I continued to express my heartfelt gratitude to God for all of the things I did have to be grateful for. To name a few, I had family and friends, a nice place to live, and I never really doubted that I would always have the supply that I needed.

Soon inspirations came that led me to the right steps to take that would result in adjusting the entire situation. This time I paused to pray and make sure the plan was divinely inspired and not my own will taking charge.

I requested a transfer back to the department I had left to accept the better job. Fortunately, my better judgement had been to take a leave of absence and not resign from my previous job. At that time, several others were also seeking reinstatement. To my great relief, even though the others had greater priority, I was not only reinstated but I was given the one and only job I really felt was suited for me. All of the others who needed transfers were also reinstated. About the same time my hand was completely healed.

I was also led to engage a well-known law firm to pursue the matter of my investment and, although it took about ten years, eventually I was able to recover most of my investment. I was able to work evenings to supplement my income to pay for the lawyer.

Much later I came to realize that the job I had accepted and held for the last fifteen years of my professional career was ideal for me and although it had not the status of the earlier job, it was richly rewarding and not nearly so demanding and stressful. I knew I was really in my right place and I felt I was able to make a difference. Also, I learned a good lesson in turning to God first, and humbly seeking divine guidance rather than listening to friends who meant well but were considering only the apparent benefits and were not necessarily divinely inspired.

There have been other times in my life when I have had to make my way through deep waters but Christian Science has always provided me with the understanding of my safe place in the divine economy, my spiritual nature as the image and likeness of God, and an awareness of His power and willingness to bring a greater sense of harmony into my life through His great love. In our textbook, Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, she assures us, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” Relying on this truth has always helped me to patiently await the unfoldment of its promise. Sometimes the outcome is prompt but sometimes it takes longer to unfold and even longer to appreciate its lessons, rightness and blessings.


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