My introduction to Christian Science came when I met a beautiful young lady. I accompanied her on Sundays to a Christian Science church, though I had never heard of Christian Science or attended that church before. After a while, we got married. When my wife had a physical problem, she would leave the room telling me she had some metaphysical work (prayer) to do. In the beginning I didn’t quite understand, but whatever the problem was, it would quickly disappear. As time went on, I became more interested in the main book about Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by Mary Baker Eddy. The ideas in this book were like the math and physics that I enjoyed. If I followed the rules, I would always arrive at the correct answer.

When my wife was pregnant with out first son, she went to a doctor who worked with many Christian Science mothers. She had also asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray along with her during the course of the pregnancy and during the delivery. On the morning she was to have the baby, I was sitting somewhat anxiously in the waiting room when the doctor approached me, then stopped, went to the telephone, and talked for a few minutes. Then he came over to me to inform me that my wife and I had a beautiful, healthy boy. He then apologized for the phone call delay. He doctor had phoned the practitioner to tell her that according to all his medical knowledge this child should never have been born alive! You can understand that from that moment, I became an earnest student of Christian Science. That was over fifty years ago. You can understand my gratitude to God, Christ Jesus, and Mrs. Eddy for Christian Science.

R. Y.

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